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The consulting services of 'A Count On Us' have the primary objective of improving the business performance of our clients as well as the achievement of their goals whichever they might be.

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1. Recommendations / Business initiation / Changes / Mergers / Closures / Liquidation of Companies & Individual Business.
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We provide complete accounting services, ensuring reliable and quality accounting information.

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1. Analysis of financial statements using ratios.
2. Export of accounting and budgeting results.
3. Investment development programs through a network of partners.
4. Calculation of both present and future investment value.
5. Calculation of amortisation loans.

In the context of today’s unprecedented changes in the tax legislation, we provide immediate and reliable tax information.

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All ESPA Employment Agency etc programs are being monitored by our partners and if any monitored program can subsidize your business we  automatically notify you and advise you on how to participate at it.
We also gather all the necessary documentation required by the program which we observe and we make all necessary steps required until the end of the program.


We have all the expertise and capacity to advise and guide a business properly with respect to taxes arising from a business.
 We have prioritized the safety of our consultation in order to inform our clients of how to draw the maximum benefit at the lowest business risk.

We undertake your representation in Greece and process all types of works.
The laws in Greece are known to be constantly changing. We have the expertise and manpower to safeguard your property. We also promptly inform about any latest developments that may interest you as well as for the final decision of the laws.