ENG 314X157


A decision is a choice between two or more options. In order to make the right decision one needs to collect as much information as one can. Only if we examine all the facts properly can we be led to the most logical choice / decision. This is part of an intellectual procedure which
for as far as simple matters are concerned, it is a quick and easy one, whereas for more complicated  matters, it becomes more time consuming.
One aspect of the decision making  says that there must be a combination of a large amount  of information  combined with  general knowledge, personality, skills, knowledge of  technical details. It is rare for one single individual to possess such skills when it comes to serious and complicated issues.
A person can be a good salesperson, another one can be communicative, another yet can have an excellent perception etc.
All we believe to have the ability to decide and indeed we do but we can
not know everything.
Therefore I believe that we must be surrounded by capable people and be able to ask their opinion on important matters, regardless of whether  we intend to follow it or not.  Apart from that we must always try and have an alternative plan at hand in case our primary one does not produce the satisfactory results, we anticipated.

Christos Kapitsas.