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Our partners work both individually and collectively when over it is rendered necessary to face any accounting tax related or even legal challenge no matter if it is faced by either a very small business or a multinational one.
A brief reference to direct our associates is as follows.

Accountants and Tax Advisors

Makatounis Alexander
Tax Accountant
Polyphimou 3 Zografou
T. +30 2107474959
M. +30 6936009880

Kapitsas Christos
Tax Accountant
Sofokli Benizelou 41 Peristeri
T. +30 2108810045
M. +30 6974280334

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Makatounis Andreas
Accountants and tax advisors
Polyphimou 3 Zografou
T. +30 2107474959


Keratsas - Tsenes & Partners
Law firm
Alopekis 25A Kolonaki Athens

Pepelasis Anthony
Law firm ( Criminal Cases - Tax )
Balaoritou 4 Kolonaki Athens

Antonacopoulos George
firm ( Administrative Matters - Tax )
Balaoritou 4 Kolonaki Athens

Kalamidas Dimitrios
Law firm ( Workplace )
Balaoritou 4 Kolonaki Athens

Finally we remind you that we can answer any of your questions with a phone call or email.