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Our partners work both individually and collectively when over it is rendered necessary to face any accounting tax related or even legal challenge no matter if it is faced by either a very small business or a multinational one.
A brief reference to direct our associates is as follows.

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In these hard times of uncertainty for everyone we have developed a network of highly skilled professionals tested in different situations who work in a coordinated manner and they bring immediate results.  Needless to say that they are really honest and such honesty needs be recognised by us all.

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We have 30 years of experience in accounting and tax services with reasonable prices. We serve our customers who are completely satisfied with the provision of our assistance.

The 'A Count On Us' is a network of Accountants, tax consultants, attorney, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, with extensive experience in all matters. Operates in Greece and abroad.

All our associates are university graduates distinguished with expertise in various business fields and offer our clients high quality services.

What distinguishes us is that the success of our clients’ is our primary goal as well. We do not propose one single solution but we provide our clients with the required information they need to make the right decision.
We are always by your side.

A count on us.